Christina Moore


Hi there! Let's just get it out of the way & let me admit this part is awkward for me, talking about myself. I am the one you find behind the scenes, working, designing, moving furniture, sketching, playing with beautiful flowers, etc. My first love is design, whether it is a space, a table, a theme or menu. My background is heavily embedded in Architectural Interior Design and Food & Beverage. My adoration of both allows me to ask questions designing for your personality. The way to my heart is to (ask me about my granddaughter Khloe j/k, ok maybe not kidding) see your families/friends enjoying pieces of your event they recognize as you. Let's chat, let's have a great time creating something unforgettable just for you! 


Meghan Lee

Partner Planner

I'm best described as a long time event planner who's well trained in event operations and logistics - and I can thank my time as a government and military event planner for those skills - a New York native who found her southern gentleman, and a Billy Joel enthusiast. I live most of my life as calm, relaxed, and managed through stressful times - and the one who seems to take charge when others find themselves falling apart. I'm a natural-born leader who prides her craft, loves helping others create memorable milestones, and being the person in the room maintaining poise under pressure.

People ask me why weddings & social events?  After all of my time spent planning with protocols & federal regulations, social events allow me to be authentic & emotionally invested in my clients.  I am allowed to be creative & breathe in color.  Most of all, after all of the time I spend planning & investing in my couples & clients I cannot say that there has been an event which has passed that I don't find myself hiding tears as I see them completely comfortable & relaxed with their guests & genuinely enjoying their beautiful day.




Antonia Pendleton

Partner Planner

The party is here!!! You can call me "Tonia," & I live for all things entertaining & hospitality! I was an events coordinator for Geico for the past 13 years & anyone there would say I am always the life of the party! I love assisting you in ensuring every guest & family member is having the time of their life. Events consist of so many facets: hotels, travel arrangements, welcome bags, swag, rehearsals, logistics and it can cause an overwhelming amount of stress, and that's where I come in. We are right there to arrange those items as well as be a liaison for your vendors, yourself and your guests.

I've been known to have a dance party in the car during rush hour and always arrive with a smile on my face. My favorite trick to the trade is our text program; we'll talk about that later.  I cannot wait to meet you & those closest to you, welcome to the BGE family!