Wedding Bartending, great area to shine!

The days of an open bar flowing with 3 types of whiskey, vodka, gin & tequila are almost obsolete. And we don’t mind one bit! Couples today are very accustomed to specialty cocktails, craft brews & local wines so why not design an experience for your guests. During our full planning process we inevitably end up spending a good amount of time discussing the bar. What to offer, how much you need, permits required & who’s going to pour are all pieces of the discussion.

There are two scenarios we chat through. One is hiring the bartender through the caterer. Great option! Many the caterers have bartending staff who jump in, set up the bar, bring the mixers & are dual purpose assisting the caterers & having their staff on hand incase extra hands are needed is a plus. Generally speaking it is typical bartending- the usual suspects for drinks & mixers, beer & wine. It works out very well & we adore so many of them. There are services available that are bartenders/not to be confused with mixologist not associated with caterers that are on hand to serve. Let your planner advise which level of service they feel you will need.

If cocktails is your thing there is the option of mixologist- These connoisseurs build a menu after meeting or chatting with you about personality, flavor profiles, feel of the wedding & of course budget. They take pride in their libations and want your guests to mention how amazing the drinks were in the months following the wedding. Many are days prior simmering syrups, marinating fruit & candying bacon for the perfect garnish or ingredient. The typical bar has 2-4 signature cocktails with 3 types of beer or 2 beers and 1 cider and 2 wines for the perfect offering. Guests love inquiring what makes those cherries so incredible or asking why that syrup takes the edge off tequila. It’s a science and a mixologist is usually very happy to share the tricks of the trade! It’s like a show watching them in action with smiles on their faces anticipating your first sip- Menus created for themes, seasons, from family favorites etc. are really well received by guests.

So give some thought to your beverage offerings! They don’t have to be alcohol either! We have had incredible n/a stations! Hot cocoa flavors, iced tea-lemonade stations & root beer float stations just to name a few! Get creative, ask your planner! We LOVE when we can recommend ideas & work with your bartender or mixologist! CHEERS!