We are family...

Do you hear the song? Anytime I hear “we are fam-ily…” I immediately hear the classic hit from Sister Sledge and it makes me long for the days of soul train lines, but that’s another story!

When designing weddings it’s not just the pretty table linens, the gorgeous wedding flowers and the stunning venues. Many times it’s so much more. This is our opportunity to introduce two families through design elements. You and your fiancé may have been dating for 8 years, maybe 5 months, possibly less & a wedding is still a great way to introduce one another into your families. I love gathering information about family traditions, inside jokes that have been passed on through generations (i.e. the board room, shuffleboard, the green bible you families will know who you are ;) ) and even recipes or cocktails. I grew up watching my grandfather make his signature old fashioned on special occasions I looked forward to seeing him work his magic behind his bar while everyone stood by anticipating this drink. For the kids it was his extra special shirley temple (the extra cherries are way more magical when you’re 7) and we continue these to this day for any family events, especially weddings. My son was married last November and on the table in one of the sitting areas were my grandmothers cranberry bars. (in the picture) Most are familiar with them on all sides of the family but we knew it would mean as much to new friends & family to enjoy them as it does to us. My grandmother was in tears seeing them highlighted at such an important affair. It didn’t take much effort- I made 4 batches and had them in freezer bags ready to go & certainly they didn’t break the budget but were one of the most talked about items there. Why? Because it made my family feel at home & our new extended family feel welcome. I encourage you to take a few minutes and think about some items that may be nice to pass along from your family to your new extended family, they will certainly appreciate the effort & will likely ask for the recipe. If you have some items, recipes or ideas but just don’t know how they would work into the day, ask! We wedding planners LIVE for these opportunities to give you ideas for display, serving or highlighting! You won’t regret it!

p.s. if you want the recipes to the cranberry bars, hit us up, they’re always a crowd favorite!

Much love,

Christina, Meghan & Team Bella G