To kids table or not to kids table...

That is the question.

We get this question quite a bit and there are literally one hundred discussions we could have on this topic. This is written for a wedding including kiddos (we’ll write another for those of you who choose a wedding sans kiddos) But this one we know kids are coming, maybe 5, maybe 30. Here are some things you can do to ensure they have a good time as well as their parents and more importantly you!

Let’s get the big myth out of the way: That kids are going to be less behaved than normal at a wedding. It’s simply not true (we’re not saying it doesn’t happen- we’re just saying we don’t see it at most weddings). The kids are SO excited! They are dressed up, their parents are dressed up, they know it’s a celebration & they get cake! They are usually on their best behavior!

We have found that they do pretty amazing when left to their own devices (age appropriate of course) When they are seated together it becomes even more exciting! They help one another, they like showing their manners and their parents are close by to keep an eye on them. We love kids tables! We adore loading them up with an advice for couple coloring sheets, glow sticks, cool sunglasses, maybe bubbles and there’s nothing but laughs from that part of the room!

Even better is when they enjoy what they are eating. More times than not they are happy with a simpler menu of nuggets, fruit, mac, juice boxes etc. and this could cut some of the catering budget as well. A win-win, full bellied kiddos and a lower price point per meal for them to enjoy.

Cue the DJ- let them know you’re expecting little ones, many of them have some tricks up their sleeve to get them hopping around the dance floor!

We often have polaroid cameras at the weddings, these are great for the little ones (6-teenager) to point and shoot! We’ve seen some epic pictures coming from their unique angle & if you’re lucky they’ll let you keep them!

Cupcakes are a great option to have served at the kids table as well, they are pre-portioned and flavors kids can appreciate!

Hiring sitters is often an option we often guide our couples through. The sitters are there to oversee, not take care of every whim of the kiddos. They help them open juices, keep them accounted for, wipe off faces so they’re picture ready & assist so the parents can jump on the dance floor! It’s so nice having extra hands and eyes caring for the vip section :)

We bet you’ll want to sit at the kids table!

Party on!

Christina, Meghan & Team Bella G