RSVP- Email or Snail Mail?

Great questions, we get this one quite a bit!  We each in this industry have an opinion on this & take mine for what it's worth- I prefer a mix... 

Sounds like a easy cop-out of answering. It's not. It's an honest answer. Most of us carry our computers in our pockets, we check it periodically throughout the day. We surf websites, we make small & large purchases & respond faster than we ever have in history.

However, there is something about seeing a beautiful invitation in your only filled with junk mail metal mailbox that brings a smile to your face. Opening the thick pearly envelope only to admire the colorful lining that gives me a glimpse into your big day makes me giddy before I even see the actual invite. So pretty, so much detail this beauty gets put on the fridge or my cork board to be admired for months to come.

Goodness, it's so easy to respond via email with my phone, laptop, iPad, desktop or even watch. Now they know you're coming & what your meal selection is. 

Oh, while i'm on your website let me see what cool things you registered for. I can peruse hotels close by and quickly i'm off & back to my regular routine. I may or may not get around to sending you the rsvp card- doesn't really matter. You will not be stressed out over my response because it's already in your inbox. Of course I'm coming! 

Some guests are more traditional- they rsvp may sit for a spell but it's coming. Eventually. A handful of family members have been anticipating this & have it back in the mail within two weeks, they are prepared & of course you know they will be there.

There are 30% of guests that will wait until you've sent them a DM or two asking if they are coming & if they can please return the rsvp so you can adjust final counts and so your wedding planner can finalize the floorplan. They leave the house each day and somewhere during their lunch break think UGH! Forgot to stick that rsvp in the mail again...I bet they'd have loved an email option. 

So short answer is- options. We have multiple, use them. Less stress for you, your planner & your guests.