Rain, Rain go away

Why are we so worried about rain? We make plans, the wind blows in, rain picks up and stays a little longer than we asked it to... 

It's ok; please do not get so stuck on the vision you've painted for over a year that you don't take into account some things we just cannot help. 

The Weather. 

It can be lovely & it can be downright mean, but I have seen many, many photographers make beautiful things happen! 

We have a backup plan in place, plan A, plan B and sometimes an improvised plan C, D, E. 

I've seen some of the best smiles and heard some of the loudest laughs while under umbrellas capturing those special moments between the two of you. A tent, a covered space, a barn are all wonderful places for those that mean the most to you to gather. Your guests generally don't care what the weather is - it's a time to reflect, to appreciate & to reconnect. 

Family gatherings seem to be getting more scarce, due to how far away we now live from one another & hectic schedules. I'd love to focus on the family time instead of what the ceremony would have looked like if a perfect 74 & sunny with a slight overcast for the most perfect pictures. 

I don't know about you but the smiles in this picture look pretty perfect to me! 

xoxo - Christina