Pretty Things

I get asked A LOT about details.

How important are they? 

How much should we budget for them? 

I heard some vendors won't want to work with me if we do not have enough... 

Details are only important to someone who cares about them. Do you have heirloom pieces (i.e., Jewelry, bible, dress, dishes, etc.) that mean something to you that you would like to incorporate into your day?

Those are the details you need to think about for your day. Not confetti,personalized cocktail napkins, or something that will be missed by 80% of your guests. 

We help you develop sentimental pieces to tell your story. It could be a new tradition or giving a loving nod to continuing one... all that matters is you love it. Add it to the memories of why the piece is so important while it celebrates your milestone. 

Photographers/videographers are wonderful resources for giving us lasting images to be passed on through generations. They will preserve those details for you. 

So in short, I love details. Especially when they have meaning, let's curate your story. 

xoxo - Christina 

P.S. - Jamie's grandmother's china for the head table is the perfect example of highlighting details

100 Layer Cake Images-0038.jpg