Petite Weddings

So here we are again. We did a thing. A great thing. I recognized very early in event planning that there was obviously a need for smaller/intimate weddings. I didn't give it too much thought until l met Bill- he was a retiree but still a full-time pastor. His love for his couples was quite apparent, his friendly disposition and concern for couples overpaying for weddings made him very easy to like. In retirement he & his wife built a tiny chapel- a mobile chapel. 

The cutest little chapel you ever saw can travel to various locations providing couples an economic option for a wedding ceremony. We paired with Bill & created an unbelievable package, a complete wedding for 45 guests for only $5200. The best part is the vendors participating in this package are the best of the best, they have pro-rated their service fees  to accommodate the intimate size of these weddings.

The package is 3.5 hours and includes ceremony, cocktail 1/2 hour, intros, first dance, toasts, plenty of food & tons of dancing complete with sparkler or bubble send off! Parked at various sites throughout the year we are partial to landing at local wineries & breweries. We love the feedback we are receiving and the rate of booking has made it quite apparent the Bill was on to something- he saw the need & we are thrilled to be a part of his mission! We love that couples can host a gorgeous wedding and stay within their budget!