My view from Paris

Salut toi! I’m back from Paris & you’re going to have to just bear with me- you are about to get the play by play! A non-stop week in a Parisian flat just feet from Notre Dame. So much to share! We love being on location, scouting, researching & planning engagement sessions & travel itineraries. The first stop- our flat- she is named Perfect Paris. Perfect is right, this flat is on the island in the Seine River (center of Paris). Centrally located it allows for easy walking to so many attractions (and creperies). About 400 ft. outside the door is Berthillion ice cream and it is a must when you visit. The flat named Perfectly Paris is available on Airbnb and is so fairly priced for the experience it lends. It’s finishes were luxurious right down the the plush robes, clawfoot tub & reading nook under the stairs.

This trip was a masterclass for M Harris studios where 3 other photographers joined out adventures. We landed at 9 am, checked in and went exploring. I lead the group to a local grocery- La Grande Epicerie de Paris. This is the most lovely of grocery stores i’ve ever seen (sorry wegmans) and I decided to treat the ladies to a lesson in Charcuterie & Champagne. Great way to spend our first night- Charcuterie, Champagne, cake & tea while we watched Ratatouille. We talked business, reviewed the itinerary and relaxed to prepare for the sunrise shoot the next morning at the Eiffel Tower. Our schedule was pretty non-stop and there was just so much I wanted them to see & explore. It was the perfect Galentine’s day!

Thank you to Sarandipity Photography for the photos- It is hilarious to watch everyone wait to eat until proper photos have been taken. Notice in some photos the sweet Paris postcards complete with love letters Sara found during our walk in a small shop.

*If you are considering a trip to Paris & would like to see our itinerary please email me, would love to share. This is a 5 night 6 day itinerary with pricing of events.

Next up- Eiffel at Sunrise