It's their time

So we did this thing... 

We've decided to donate a wedding. 

Yes, a complete wedding. 

This is no small task. And definitely above what we are accustomed to asking of our industry friends. Vendors work long, hard hours to make weddings and social events happen & we don't take that lightly. But, we just had to!

These two people had their entire lives changed Aug 5, 2017, in Charlottesville Virginia. 

Meet Marcus & Marissa. 

M&M were counter-protesting at the white nationalist rally in Cville on a sunny August day with their dear friend Heather Heyer. They were crossing the street on the mall when a white Dodge Charger changed their lives forever. 

Using the car as a weapon, the driver propelled it into a crowd of people crossing the street.  In an instant, Marcus pushed his fiancé Marissa out of harms way and in turn causing him to be hit by the car smashing his leg in pieces. Their friend Heather Heyer lost her life. 

They have been on the road to recovery.  M&M since been active in fighting the nationalist group, forming the Heather Heyer foundation, and personally healing both physically & mentally. 

We felt compelled to reach out to them assuming their wedding plans had been changed only to find out they were actually not even being discussed any longer. Marcus could no longer work, recovery would be a long process, & financially it wasn't on the table. 

We couldn't let that happen. We couldn't sit by and see M&M lose their day to start their lives together because of hate. 

It can't win. 

It won't win. 

We are so humbled by the outpour of support for them. We cannot wait to watch M&M join as one in the spring of this year! This is their time to grow and show that #LOVE WINS! We'll update you so you can follow their journey! 

xoxo - Christina & Meghan