It's not Punny.

Puns. To allow, not to allow?

We've seen a huge trend of fantastic wedding favors over the last 4-5 years. Many of them are just too good not include a pun, twist on the norm. It's not for everyone. We get it, but we think the night should end on a high. 

The perfect way to send guests on their way is with an edible favor. It has probably been a few hours since they've had dinner. They've been dancing that off, have possibly had a few cocktails (we're not counting-yes we are), & are already discussing with their plus one where the nearest taco bell is.  This moment is when they are best blown away by steaming bavarian pretzels, fresh donuts, pb&j's, pizza or maybe even those tacos they were craving. It's generally less expensive than traditional favors and will NOT get left behind. 

We love elevating the "Thanks for helping us tie the knot" pretzel station with beer cheese, a variety of mustards, lots of napkins & maybe a wet wipe for the road. We adore the "your the peanut butter to my jelly station" complete with school lunch milk boxes ready for travel. We'd much rather have them hitting the road talking about what a great time they had then how to get pizza delivered to their room. 

So we think the puns are great, if you skip the pun that's cool, just don't skip the late night snack :) 

xoxo - Christina