HMU- Hair & Make up

Should I do my own? I like my make up. How will I know if they are a good artist for me? How much does it cost? All completely normal questions. Some love make up, some (me) are more a burt's bees kinda gal. It can make you nervous not being sure of what you will look like on your most photographed, all eyes on me day.

PLEASE do a trial!

We of course guide our couples to the artists we think will be the best for them as well as keep them in budget.

Necessary Questions:

Discuss budget- discuss if you are having the mothers', maids', grandmothers' hair & make up done.

Discuss what looks you would like to see. Pinterest is a great resource for styles of hair & make up. Ask us what we think, how will it look with style of dress, weather etc. We love to help in this area!

Use the trial to ask if you can go from up to down or visa versa.

Ask about how long make up lasts, why does it seem to be heavier than everyday wear.

Ask questions, try it on, give it some time to grow on you- it's usually a bit more dramatic than you are used to.

It's fabulous but just not something you wear to work typically. If you want a very natural look, SAY IT! Don't be shy, this isn't the time & your HMU artist wants you to be happy! They are talented & have a spectrum of very light to ready for the runway so ask questions so you LOVE your look!