Engaged, wait...what?

I’m ENGAGED!!!! What do I do? 1.…stare at engagement ring… 2. take a lot of pictures of said engagement ring…. 3. CALL EVERYONE! 4. Change the way I hold my coffee cup so everyone can appreciate my ring as much as I do. 5. Get BOMBARDED with questions about the wedding: when, where, who, what am I wearing, who’s in it, time of day, expected attire, guest list, registry, mountains or beach, buffet or plated- the list goes on and on. Can’t deal, i’m going to sit here and stare at my ring.

We get it! And we would do the same. Breathe. It’s okay to take a few weeks to marinate in the adjustment of being engaged! You are now a fiancè, that sounds so AMAZING! This season seems long, typically 10-12 months but I promise you it flies by! I’m certain you’ve thought or even discussed what time of year you’d prefer to be married. You’ve likely discussed if you want a local wedding or destination. This is when we generally enter the conversation. What should you do next? Do your due diligence and reach out to a few planners in your area. When you meet with them have a list of questions for them. Many of your questions may be addressed in the consultation and that’s wonderful but continue to ask any that weren’t. Prior to visiting make a list of the tasks required in planning a wedding that seem the most overwhelming/daunting to you as well as a list that highlights the tasks you’re most looking forward to. (cake & food tasting we kind of assume :) ) This will help the planner build a plan specifically for you. Ensure when scheduling your consultation you are asking if budget creation is included. We find this to be the most vital piece in the initial meeting, everything comes back to the wedding budget. To set realistic expectations and to be in the know on today’s prices (weddings have changed a bit in the last 20 years) it is important to have a talk dedicated to budget control. We know that isn’t the most fun part but I promise we get to flowers, color & decor.

Our job as planners is to then start laying the groundwork, matching you to vendors who fit your personality, style of wedding & budget. You may have already connected with or know some, that’s fantastic! From there you will be guided straight through and down the aisle! If you plan to DIY that’s incredible and completely do-able! But please, please consider bringing in help for the last 60 days. Month of coordinating is affordable and relieves so much stress! You have worked, invested, toiled over details and deserve to enjoy every second of your big day! We want you to have all of the credit, we just want you to do that with a smile on your face as you dance the night away. It takes a lot of trust to hand that over to someone- we get it & we are humbled each and every time we take the reins. But the last thing you should be doing on the night of is double checking someones seating or food selection or packing up your gifts & personal items, checking vendors out and ensuring your venue is left spotless. It’s okay to want a professional beside you and that’s exactly where we’d like to be.

If you have any questions about any level of planning, budget control, setting a wedding budget, finding a venue please let us know. No obligation, just honest answers & feedback :)

Happy Planning!

Christina, Meghan & Team Bella G