Why do I feel so bad for wanting a destination wedding?

Please stop reading right about here if you are looking for someone to talk you out of a destination wedding.

Okay, great- that’s out of the way so lets chat about how awesome you considering a destination wedding is! About 90% of our weddings are here, Fredericksburg Virginia, Culpeper, King George into Washington DC and surrounding areas. However, many people do not know that we are brand ambassadors for Sandals resorts. We ADORE destination weddings- they are not for everyone. But everyone that does them because they want the vacation, the excursions, the spa days & the vacation for their guests LOVE them! They are not meant to replace a traditional wedding, they are a traditional wedding- just further. If you envision yourself on a white or black sand beach with vivid colored flowers or palm trees lining your walk to ceremony on a warm sunny day the islands there’s a package just for you. If you long for a Scottish castle overlooking fields, guess what- we have one for that. If you dream of a houseboat on the Sein river with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop with 30 of your closest friends & family go ahead and guess…YES! We have one for that vision too! The ceremony is your heartfelt message to one another, the backdrop is where you see both of you starting your new chapter together & you have so many ways to incorporate every traditional aspect of a stateside wedding.

Then why do you feel bad? Well, this may paint a different picture than your family had planned. There may be some very important people to you that simply can’t make it or don’t want to travel that far. You may be worried about the financial strain of asking people to pay for airfare & a vacation where you want to go. All very legitimate worries & your guests & family have every right to decline the invite. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, it means you have to be secure that it means that much to you. The ones that can make it will be front & center. It’s very common to have a large bbq or party upon return to celebrate with those who couldn’t come.

Here are some things we do ask you to consider:

Get help! We are seasoned professionals who know the ins & outs of travel, setting itineraries, travel arrangements and logistics whether its just the two of you or a group of 100. There are also perks we often have access to for you to enjoy! Many of our resorts gift you a free wedding with stay*.

Once you have selected your dream location- check the local weather for average temps, conditions for the season you are considering going. Ensure it allows safe travel for tourists.

Check airfare for timeframe you are planning, we suggest looking at 3 timeframes for both travel & lodging.

Give your invited guests plenty of time to save or arrange a payment plan so they can also enjoy their stay. This also allows for them to obtain or update passports.

Provide your guests with highlights of the area, things to do, if traveling inclusive let them know what that includes as well as an estimated budget so they can plan. Let them know if it’s kid friendly. We provide guests with these lists along with some traveling tips.

Quite a few photographers do travel, so if you love their work and want them to document your wedding, ask! They want you to & many times look forward to photographing somewhere new & exciting!

Please let us know if you have any questions or are considering a domestic or international destination wedding, we would love to help! In addition we arrange honeymoon packages through Sandals & Beaches resorts as well! :)

Bon Voyage,

Christina, Meghan & Team Bella G