Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is the transition time between the ceremony & the reception. We all know commonly the time to get photographs of the wedding couple with their family & wedding party. 

What happens when you want to join the fun? Is that ok? Will guests frown upon? Will we have time for pictures? I'll be hungry, can I attend? What happens to our introductions?  

I love when couples want to join the party! See all of those people over there? They're celebrating YOU! We have so many fun options now for cocktail hour that of course, you don't want to miss out! 

Make sure you are thinking about how you want to feel that day, what you do not want to miss out on, & talk it out. Weigh the options. We have some great solutions, of course, first look allows you to take the bulk of photos before the wedding. But, we can also arrange time allowing you & the wedding party to join the last 20 minutes or so of cocktail hour to mingle (instead of having to go table to table while guests are chowing down on that fabulous spread you have selected for them). 

Receiving lines have gone by the wayside and take up a lot of time that could be spent enjoying your guests' company instead of lining them up and parading them by you (with that said, if that's what you want, we will make it happen! Hahaha.  My grandmother has very (!) strong feelings about a proper receiving line, she'd kill me for saying that!

We want you to enjoy your day the way you want it to be laid out! We want you to be relaxed, enjoy your guests, nibble on some charcuterie while enjoying a cocktail. We'll help, watch how easy it is! :) 

xoxo - Christina