Art with a cause

We LOVE getting behind a cause. When the two things collide it's a no brainer for us. So when we saw Polished Pearls stunning accessories we knew they were a company we would love.

This handmade jewelry, perfect for weddings is all handmade. Polished pearl employs and trains women who are survivors of sex trafficking or at high risk. An ugly subject we all know exist but really don't care to think about. These women have some amazing stories & take pride in the smallest of details.

I have never asked them why they call it polished pearl but would have to assume it's because a grit of sand causes the oyster to form layers over the sand to protect itself just to find out the end result is beautiful & rare in a sea of so many creatures.

I am in love with this company & we are very lucky to find them right downtown at Ava Laurenne Bride. We hear there are some new products in the works from PP and cannot wait to watch them grow!