All Aboard!

Transportation. Talk about logistics. 

Guests want to take the last van, trolley, limo, bus, shuttle, bike but do not want to miss ONE thing! Nor do we want them to! We have some easy peasy solutions for that! 

We love when guests are treated to transportation to & from the wedding. It's pampering, it's hospitable, and it's above all else safer after maybe indulging several cocktails. 

The greatest concerns are always how will we know everyone has been picked up and how will we get everyone here on time but not 3 hours prior. We have pretty much mastered the art of transportation. We leave sign up sheets in the lobby of the hotels accommodating the guests. So they can see: 
- which are filling, which have room
- what time they will be there
- how long they will wait there
- what time they will be returning

The worst thing ever is getting on a shuttle having no idea what time you'll  back to the hotel. We are in constant contact with the transportation service in the event of delays, re-routing or capacity issues. The drivers have a more clear idea of how many guests they are waiting for when they have an estimate on the sign-up sheet as well. 

Most hotels will gladly assist guests with questions about the sign-up sheet, and our contact information is available just in-case there is a question the front desk can't answer. 

We want your guests to enjoy and relax. That's almost impossible if they don't know what time they are coming or going. 

So in short, we'll make sure you are covered logistically so you and your guests can relax and enjoy the ride :) 

xoxo - Christina 

P.S. - (This picture always makes me smile! Laura was super excited to ride the trolley. It's a great value, quintessential & nostalgic)